Version 5.3 Minor Release

  • Improved
  • H
    Howard Rybko
  • on 03-05-2024

Agenda Restricted Document Access

  • Added document restriction for selected users 

Forms and Surveys

  • Improved user interface

PDF pack

  • page sizes made consistent with the BoardPack settings A4/Letter
  • hyperlinks agenda index - fixed color and width when viewed in Acrobat

Meeting Notify

  • Added ability to notify meeting members of meeting by email before the pack is published (mail sends no meeting/packet links)

Tabbed Interfaces UI

  • Tabbed overview page
  • Tabbed agenda/resources/minutes section
  • Tabbed resources/ upcoming / past meetings on the committee's page

User Profile

  • Improved user profile template

Version 5.2 Minor Release

  • Improved
  • H
    Howard Rybko
  • on 06-04-2024

Improvements Log:

  1. Meeting: Document for review icon moved under Details card
  2. Viewer:  Bookmarks default to open when document opens
  3. Viewer: Agenda index items clickable area lengthened to include page numbers

BoardCloud Version 5.1 (Minor)

  • H
    Howard Rybko
  • on 31-03-2024

A post major version 5 minor upgrade was posted at the end of march 2024.

The major feature Creating a series of Repeating Meetings was finalised.

The following issues were addressed:

Meeting Page Tabbed Interface Part 2 Completed

The simplification of the Meeting page interface is now almost complete. This has resulted in a much cleaner UI, with two panes:

  • Overview - main tab showing meeting details and participants, with all meeting engagement graphs in a Stats pane
  • Agenda - with three tabs, one for the agenda, meeting resources and meeting minutes, respectively

(Note the final part of this UI change will be to move all action items into a Actions tab)

Forms Library

The Forms Library was completed, allowing for the creation of forms outside a meeting. This feature also allows users to view and complete any forms assigned to them from and point in the system.

BoardCloud Version 5.0 Major New Features

  • New
  • H
    Howard Rybko
  • on 01-03-2024
  • Forms and Surveys
    Create any kind of form or survey. Directors Interests, pop quizzes and more
  • Global Search
    Search past meeting packs using full text search
  • Meeting Chat
    WhatsApp type chat in any meeting
  • Enhanced Member Profiles
    Profile images, Term, Company, Job Title and bio
  • Meeting Resource and Committee Libraries
    Include reference documents and YouTube videos
  • New Member Management System
    Completely new screens and enhanced functionality
  • New Cover Page Manager
    Better, easier to use. Set font colors and more

BoardCloud Version 4.0

  • Improved
  • H
    Howard Rybko
  • on 31-08-2023

Meeting Interface Improvements

Improved and simplified the meeting dash (Details) pane.

  • Packs and minutes are now visually displayed as thumbnails
  • Packs are now automatically assembled and displayed when these images are clicked. The new pack thumbnails can be seen in the image below. Clicking on the meeting pack image below will generate a new version and open it for viewing.

Publishing Meetings

Previously the publish action performed two tasks. First, the meeting was published, making it visible to members. Second, a notification email was sent to all meeting attendees. These tasks have now been split so that notifications can be sent separately and to selected members instead of the entire committee.

A separate Publish button to publish a meeting (or minutes) is provided. 

Voting System:

Improved the look & feel and functionality of the voting system. Most notably the meeting admin can now record votes for members who are not in the meeting.

Pack Review Process:

Sending a pack for review has been simplified. Now any member(s) can be selected from the Notify dialog to receive a pack for review. The review process itself has been streamlined to make it easier for reviewers.

Pack Permalinks

Links to packs and meetings are sent as part of the notification email. These links are crafted to always lead to the latest published pack, no matter how many versions have been published.

Revisions Removed:

There is no longer a revisions pane at the bottom of the meeting. Revisions are only displayed for published meetings and a history of revisions is available in the Cogs menu.